Laurens County added 595 jobs last year according to Brad Lofton the President of the Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority.

Joshua Davis, the General Manager of TriStar Aerial says they moved to the county in December of last year.

“They want to put it here in Dublin, because it's so close to Savannah,” says Davis.

The company sells parts like controllers, battery chargers and rent equipment.

“We do, do a lot of international sales so being so close to the port assist with the shipping especially if its large equipment,” says Davis.

Laurens County coined itself the "Business Heart of Georgia." The county saw an increase in 595 committed jobs last year.

According to Brad Lofton, the President of the Dublin-Laurens County Development Authority, Laurens County has a wide variety of incentives for new businesses.

“We can offer some long-term tax reductions for companies that locate here. Certain companies that qualify can get a grant from the local community, even training assistance,” says Lofton.

He says being about 120 miles from the Savannah port plays a major part.

Patsy Carr with the Department of Labor says they play a role in getting people hired for new businesses.

“We're very, very active with the businesses that come into town helping them recruit. A lot of the employers allow us to do screening for them,” says Carr.

For a list of incentives for new businesses aiming to move to Laurens County, click here.

Davis says that he plans to hire 4 more people by the end of the year.