It's time to play ball at the Little League Southeast Park in Warner Robins!

On Friday, the boys Little League baseball tournament started with a full slate of four games.

There's no crying in baseball, but there's money for local businesses in Little League.

The Butcher Shop owner, David Dean, says it's a grand slam for his business on Highway 96.

“I mean, it's huge, we've, I mean, even with just last year, we've doubled our catering business with the Little League itself and we've also doubled catering for ESPN for when the crew comes in and does the announcing and all that stuff,” Dean says.

The Butcher Shop has 8 catering events total for the Little League softball and baseball tournaments during this two-week span.

Dean says that'll bring in roughly $5,000 on its own, not including cash from visitors and families in Warner Robins from all around the southeast.

“We do have customers that are from out of town and they'll bring their coolers with them and we'll ice down the coolers for them and the meat and they can carry it back home with them,” Dean says.

In 2016, the Warner Robins Convention and Visitor's Bureau says the tournament brought in 9,500 visitors and $1.9 million.

The CVB says that money is a home run for hotels, transportation, retail, and restaurants.

Events like it are part of the reason Elizabeth Edens says the new sandwich place she manages, Which Wich, opened just down the road from the park.

“This side of town is really growing, coming together with Warner Robins and there's just so many options everywhere else we want to provide everyone around here with options as well. Especially, coming and going from the little league center, the soccer complex, the high schools, and everything around here,” Edens explained.

Edens says the tournament visitors could become new customers to have in the bullpen.

The tournament has games every day through Wednesday. The Little League Southeast Park is located on Snellgrove Drive in Warner Robins.