There’s still time to volunteer for the Southeastern Region Little League office for the tournaments at the end of this month and beginning of August.

The Region office says they still need about 40 volunteers, at least, to be fully staffed for the softball and baseball tournaments.

This will be Gracie Rigby's first year volunteering and she says she hopes it helps build new relationships.

“I'm really most excited about just getting invovled with people that I'm normally not around so with the volunteers that have been here seven years I mean that's incredible and just understanding why they do it and why they want to be here will make me want to do more within the community as well,” Rigby said.

She said she got involved as part of HyPE or Houston Young Professionals Engage. HyPE encourages young professionals in the County to interact and volunteer with other business, organizations, and groups to foster a stronger sense of community, Rigby explained. Her family operates Rigby’s Entertainment Complex near the Little League park and says this was a good way to get involved with a part of the community she doesn’t normally see.

Rigby says she's already decided how she wants to volunteer.

“Definitely with team meals because I love food, and then also ushering so I can talk to as many people that come through,” Rigby said.

The Southeastern Region needs at least 40 more volunteers for the coming tournaments.

You can volunteer to work at concessions, the gift shop, with the grounds crew, ushering, parking, team meals, the press box, and clean up.

You just have to be 16-years-old or older and pass a background check. Once you pass, you'll be able to choose available shifts and receive a volunteer shirt, photo identification, and other items.

Southeastern Region Director Jen Colvin says if you can spend just 2 hours or up to a few days volunteering, they want your help.

“Absolutely, come on out for the experience! I mean I think that's a great thing. And that's typically how we get more and more people, word of mouth, folks that are bringing out friends of theirs, coworkers, and the like. They get the bug and the fever. We have some volunteers we might not hear from for 50 weeks a year, but they're right here excited to go!” Colvin said.

You can register to become a volunteer on the Little League’s website or in person at their office on Snellgrove Drive in Houston County across from the ballpark.

The softball tournament runs from July 27 - 31. The baseball tournament is August 4 - 9.

Softball teams start arriving next Wednesday.