Having a sick child can take a toll on the entire family.

Wednesday, 10 families whose children are battling cancer have one less thing to worry about -- car repairs.

Gabrielle Dawkins explains how one local business is using its expertise to help some deserving folks.

Mechanics at Mitchell's Automotive are picking up their tools and fixing cars for 10 families.

“My air broke, so, it's really hard just trying to get my daughter packed up, getting her back and forth to school, getting her back and forth to the doctor's appointments,” said Jones. It's getting really hot, so it just makes it a really uncomfortable ride.

Charties Jones from Forsyth is a Jay's Hope parent.

Her daughter, Jarhya Ussery, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 2.

“It breaks your heart because you see what adults go through, and so the fact that it's a child and it's your child,” said Jones, “It's completely heartbreaking.”

Since then, she's had 10 different surgeries and that's why she needs her car fixed for check-ups.

“We're doing brakes, tune-ups, air condition repairs transmission service,” said Mitchell Bunce.

Bunce, the owner of the automotive shop, says that this is the second time they've participated in ACDelco's Day of Service.

“Families spend their money with treatments for the children, and a lot of the time, vehicle repairs go neglected,” said Bunce.

He says that it's well-needed and the response is gratefulness.

“This is the biggest blessing that I could've ever asked for,” said Jones.

She says that this March, Jarhya was officially 4 years cancer-free.

“You just do whatever you can to make sure your child has the best care and the best treatment in the end,” said Jones.

“She'll tell you, 'God saved me. God blessed me. God healed me,'” said Jones.

According to Bunce, this year's free service cost is around about $5,000.