A military family in Kathleen is celebrating their first Christmas together in the U.S., and their holiday season may shine a little brighter thanks to a kind act from people they've never met.

Not every Christmas gift comes wrapped in a bow or sits under a tree, but this is a gift for a family that serves all year long. “It feels special to be able to provide something like this for a family that otherwise may not be able to have the service,” said Allison Bloodworth, owner of Christmas Decor. “We are doing some exterior lighting, garland, wreaths, and ground lining,” said Katherine Guy, Operations Manager.

On display for the neighborhood to see, it's a gift of gratitude for the Ortiz family of four. “They are going to come home and be surprised,” said Guy.

Surprised and in awe. “We were not expecting this and they did a great job. We really like it! It's not too flashy. It's very simple and elegant,” said Edwin Ortiz, active duty service member.

The Ortiz family was selected by Christmas Decor, a national franchise that honors our military families by decorating their homes for free each Christmas. “This is our first Christmas here in the states. I'm active duty military and we just moved here last year from Germany,” said Ortiz.

And when the holiday season ends, Edwin Ortiz will deploy again in January. “That's what happens when you're active duty. We still feel very blessed, definitely, and we plan on paying this forward.”

But the family says the extra decoration will make their Christmas all the more merry, enjoying every minute in time in their home made special for the brave.

Christmas Decor installed more than 200 LED Christmas lights for the Ortiz household, and Katherine Guy says they'll come and take them down for the family after the holidays.