The Fourth of July may be over, but it is on that holiday that many pets go missing after being spooked by fireworks.

John MacWilliams, with the Macon-Bibb Adoption Center, says this weekend was a busy time for them.

"I believe our on-call officer started Monday morning at 9:00 in the morning with calls and didn't end her day 'til 1:00 that night,” explains MacWilliams.

He says since Monday, the shelter has gotten more than 30 new animals.

"I think a lot of times, people take their pets for granted. In Bibb County, we have a lot of pets that live outdoors. Most of the time, a fence keeps them in the yard, but when a dog's panicked and scared, they're going to find a way out,” says MacWilliams.

He says normally their shelter can hold 80 dogs and 40 cats. Right now, they are close to capacity.

"It is the time of the year that it's kitten and puppy season, so this time of the year, we're always extremely busy and extremely full. Then you add the holiday on top of that. It doesn't help. It just doesn't help,” says MacWilliams.

He says the shelter is usually one of the last places people go to find a lost pet.

"After 7 days, they go up for adoption or they wind up at a rescue, so if that's your animal, after 7 days, we have to do something with that animal. So if you're missing your animal, please make this the first place you go to find it,” MacWilliams reminds people.

Remember, by microchipping your pet, you will always know where they are, even if they get spooked by those fireworks.

The adoption center says you can go to any veterinarian and get your dog microchipped. The Jones County Animal Shelter also says they microchip pets for just $10 and you do not have to live in the county.