Bookworms, rejoice -- the Macon-Bibb Friends of the Library Book Sale begins Thursday at 10 in the morning.

Friends of the Library board member Mary McDonnell is in her element while she figures out categories for the big sale.

She's the epitome of a book lover.

"Oh, anything that has words in it. I absolutely love words, so pick a book, it doesn't matter," she joked about her preferred reading material.

Words are great, but you might need a quick geography lesson to navigate this event.

"'Where is that?' and the only way to find it is to look it up on your sheet and then try and read it on the map," Mary recalled, referring to past years.

This year is a little different in the fact that you will see less books out on the tables, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. The Friends figure they have about 20,000 fewer books than last winter's offerings.

"Last year, we had to get rid of way too many books, and it was sad," Mary said, which means you may really want to stake your claim on the first couple of days.

The sale runs Thursday through Sunday. Books on Sunday in the afternoon go half price, and Mary did tell say they accept credit cards, checks, and, as she put it, any kind of money that you come up with.

The sale is at Central City Park, and if you use a credit card, there is a $10 minimum purchase.