Wednesday night, people from around Macon-Bibb voiced their opinions at a public forum on whether alcohol should be allowed during events at Rosa Parks Square.

Current Bibb County code states that alcohol is only allowed in public parks with a permit during "special events."

Lucas proposed the ordinance after the Just Tap'd Beer Festival was held in the park last month.

But Bibb County Spokesperson, Chris Floore, verified that this was not the first time alcohol had been present in park.

Some citizens argued that if the ordinance is passed, it could hinder downtown economically and throw a wrench in events like the Cherry Blossom Street Party, Mardi Gras celebrations, and other festivals.

"If someone wants to buy a beer, well, it's a free country, and if we paid for a permit that says we can, then I don't understand why that's horrible," says downtown business owner, Chrissy Lee.

Others said drinking in a park that was named after a civil rights leader is just plain disrespectful.

"This is not about beer. This is about paying tribute and respect for the mother of the civil rights movement, Ms. Rosa Parks," said one concerned citizen. Another said, "We don't have to drink alcohol everywhere. We have many many places, almost every place in the city you can drink alcohol."

One man also pointed out that if the ordinance is passed, the park could ironically serve as a place of protest for some people.

"The irony is if you ban alcohol in the park, you would be following in Rosa Parks' steps by drinking a beer in the park because you would be practicing passive civil disobedience."

Commissioner Lucas also passed a petition around at the meeting for people to sign in support of the alcohol ban, as well as potentially turning the square into a memorial for Ms. Parks.