Friday, a grant promoting both driver and pedestrian safety was awarded to the Macon-Bibb Pedestrian Safety Review Board.

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis says this is a much welcomed gift.

"Our deputies have to go out and work way too many pedestrian accidents, pedestrian crashes, and pedestrian deaths," said Davis.

As of 2016, Macon-Bibb County has the second largest pedestrian death rate per capita in the state of Georgia.

Now, through a new initiative called "On the Move," the county is hoping to change that.

Starting with a grant of $20,785 from the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

The money was presented on a large check to members of the Pedestrian Safety Review Board in Macon, along with other elected officials such as Mayor Robert Reichert, and Sheriff David Davis.

The program will implement six informational education training sessions in 2018, a pedestrian safety awareness community day, and even provide funding for reflective armbands to be handed out monthly for people on the move in Macon-Bibb county.

Tesia Smith goes around to local schools as Pedora the Pedestrian to teach about pedestrian safety, and says the ultimate goal is a clean record..

"The big goal is to eventually have no fatalities with pedestrians crossing the crosswalk or crossing the street."

And schools, Mayor Robert Reichert says, are where campaigns like this thrive.

"The most successful campaigns we've ever had, seat belt campaigns like Harris Blackwood talked about, started in elementary school and children teach and remind their parents."

All to keep Macon on the move and a safer place to live.

If you have a concern with pedestrian safety, the Pedestrian Safety Review Board encourages people to call their 24-hour phone line. The number is 478-803-2820.