Macon-Bibb is preparing for what could be a large number of people seeking refuge from Hurricane Matthew. And the Macon-Bibb Emergency Management Director says they're ready.

"We're a little scared, we're a little scared," Bobbi Murphy said. "Yeah, when the Governor came on yesterday, she said it's going to hit pretty much direct and for everybody's safety, we should get out," her husband Kevin said.

And that's what they did.

Kevin Murphy, his wife Bobbi and her father Robert, evacuated their home in Hilton Head, South Carolina early Wednesday morning.

They're staying at the Marriott City Center hotel in Macon.

"We had to start scrambling yesterday when we knew we really had to go," Kevin said. "We were in line for an hour to get gas," Bobbi said. "On the island, gas stations were running out," Kevin said.

People all along the coast are seeking refuge fleeing from their homes before Hurricane Matthew strikes the U.S.

And Macon-Bibb Emergency Management is ready for the potential evacuees.

"Emergency management is the coordinator of 'fill in the blank," Spencer Hawkins said.

EMA Director Spencer Hawkins says Macon-Bibb has a plan for hosting large numbers of evacuees. It's called Emergency Support Function 6.

He says it's a team effort and if it's put into place, the team would work out of his emergency operations center.

"More than us directing our different departments, we would state the need," Hawkins said. "You know this is the need we have. We need to make sure this facility is safe and secure. Sheriff's Office, how can you make that happen? You know, we need to make sure if we're setting up a feeding operation at the shelter, Department of Public Health, what do you need to make that happen, to make that we're hitting all those proper health codes and health requirements. And then it would be a team effort that way."

So whether you're looking for a hotel or shelter, Macon-Bibb is ready.