One professional Macon boxer is starting his career with a bang.

He is undefeated for now, but has been practicing for this moment since he was a kid.

If you thought floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee was easy, 20-year-old Rashad Shahid is here to tell you it is tough.

"I do my road work. I run. I do sprints. I jump rope. Mid work. Hit the bag, speed bag, double bag and I also spar,” said Shahid.

Shahid says life had him against the ropes, but starting to box in the ninth grade helped him stay out of trouble.

"I already liked to fight and knew how to fight, so it wasn't too bad for me and I stuck with it and got better and better. It kept me out of a lot of trouble. I am not in the street and I recommend boxing for anybody because they can turn it into a talent and turn it into something positive,” said Shahid.

So far, he’s participated in his second professional match with a knockout in the very first one. With an undefeated record of 2-0, he has some advice for those looking to get into boxing.

"Never think about losing. Always think about who, what and why you're doing it. Just stay focused and keep training and stay humble,” said Shahid.

His trainer Ernest Butts says he sees some real potential in him.

"I see Rashad becoming a regional champion, onto a national champion, onto a world champion. Come here, start your amateur career and who knows…you could become a Rashad Shahid,” said Butts.

Shahid says he is hoping to have his next fight in December and will be going to Atlanta this weekend in hopes of finding an investor and agent.