With summer right around the corner, you may be looking for ways to beat the heat.

One Macon business is keeping people cool by helping them float down the Ocmulgee River.

Kathleen O'Neal's spent the last three summers sending people down the river on tubes, kayaks and canoes.

After Bibb County chose another company to run tubing at the river, she said she wasn’t sure what this summer would hold for her business.

“I was so heartened by all of the community’s support that I started thinking ‘How am I going to do things different, or do I want to do things differently?’” said O’Neal.

She says she decided to keep Ocmulgee Outdoor Expeditions open for kayaking and canoeing.

“I love this, and I love putting people on the river and having them say, ‘I didn’t know it was so beautiful,’” said O’Neal.

Angelica Connell is one of those people. She came to kayak with a group from Griffin.

“Honestly, [I] just like being out on the river and spending time with friends and stuff because I’ve been kayaking before, but never out here,” said Connell.

Connell says she heard about O’Neal’s company from a friend so she thought it would be a fun activity for people in her boot camp.

“It’s one of those things. It’s summer time. Let’s do stuff together. We do 5Ks and stuff together all the time, so it’s something besides a 5K to do together,” said Connell.

But O'Neal says the expeditions go beyond the river because they people from all over to Macon, which is great for the community.

“We're bringing people to Macon, which is just awesome,” said O’Neal.

If you’re interested in signing up for an expedition, click this link.