As out-of-towners are making their way to Macon, some businesses are already opening their doors. Some restaurants, shops, and museums are spreading the word to shelters and hotels, that they're offering discounts.

Paul Harpin owns Harpin's Restaurant and says he's giving Hurricane Matthew evacuees a ten percent discount.

"I feel that would help make them feel wanted and loved," Harpin says.

Harpin's Restaurant, Just Tap'd, and Grow, all say they're offering discounted food and drinks to hurricane evacuees.

"If you are stuck, stranded, you don't have anything, just come and see us and we'll feed you," says Lane Richardson, an employee at Grow.

After a meal, these businesses say, people need to lift their spirits, so Carol's Linens and The Pink Flamingo are offering discounts.

"We understand that their homes are in danger right now, and you know, retail therapy always helps sometimes," says Sarvin Tavakol, an employee at The Pink Flamingo boutique.

Molly Wilkins, Executive Director at the Cannonball House, helped organize the whole thing. She says the point is for businesses to band together. Wilkins has been spreading the word through her website, Southern Bon Vivant.

"We just felt like this would be a great chance for us to welcome people to enjoy our home," Wilkins says. "Come and visit us, and take a look and see what we've got."

That's exactly what Cary Johnson, who's here from Florida, says he's doing.

"It was a half-price discount and we were able to look through the whole house and see all of the historic work that has been done here," Johnson says.

And after he's done at the museum, Johnson says he's grabbing dinner-- at a discount.

Ampersand Guild is also joining in. They say they're offering shelter, coffee, and entertainment to any Hurricane Matthew evacuee.

If you have evacuated your home and are in central Georgia, CLICK HERE to find a list of area businesses offering deals for you during this difficult time.

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