Tuesday, Macon celebrated a legend known as the "architect of rock and roll."

City officials and the community celebrate Little Richard's 85th birthday on December 5, 2017, jamming out to his old tunes and showcasing his house to the public.

Little Richard is known for hits like "Tutti Frutti," and "Good Golly Miss Molly!"

"Everywhere I go, I talk about Macon -- and every program I'm on, I say, 'Little Richard from Macon, Georgia,'" says Richard.

Tuesday morning, outside of Little Richard's home, Mayor Robert Reichert proclaimed December 5th as Little Richard Day.

According to city spokesman Chris Floore, the renovation for Richard's house was completed a month ago after it was recently relocated. The city opened up the home located at it up for a little tour.

According to Reichert, the house will be used as a resource center in the Pleasant Hill community, but officials are not sure in which capacity.

In the crowd, Stanley Stewart, Little Richard's cousin, shares fond memories of the music legend.

"I remember the first time that I saw up close and personal just his love for rock and roll and his work ethic on stage and what he gave to the audience, and after the show, how exhausted he was," said Stewart.

Stewart says he's glad Richard's childhood home wasn't demolished.

"To know that someone from this house made an impact on the world, and that they, too, can make that same impact, maybe not as a world-class singer, but in their own chosen field of endeavor," says Stewart. "One hand reaches back to the past in celebrating this house, but one hand reaches forward in the future with those young people who can kind of generate their own dreams," says Stewart.

People at the celebration had the chance to take a tour inside of Little Richard's house

Hours later, the celebration continued at the Tubman Museum, where food and drinks were served.

During the two-hour celebration at the Tubman, Ambrose Andy, the director at the museum, honored the Little Richard with the museum's first Vanguard Award. The award is given to musicians and artists that had a huge impact in shaping world culture.

State Representative James Beverly said he would like for the home to be used to benefit the community.

"Maybe a place where people can just gather and have community meetings, but all in a spirit of bringing people together around music and a culture of Pleasant Hill. So there's a lot of stories having that stuff in there, but at the end of the day, the discussion should reverberate about the community. What do y'all want to see? I have my ideas, but I'm just one person," says Beverly.

Little Richard says that he is forever grateful that leaders and officials in Bibb County kept a special piece of his childhood memory alive.

"I thank y'all for loving me through the years and I still love y'all and thank you for everything you ever done for me and my old house," says Richard.