Wednesday was a full day of celebrations in honor of one of Macon's most famous women, Mama Louise Hudson.

Wednesday was her birthday, so the Tubman Museum rolled out the red carpet and gave her an award before ending the night with a concert. Dozens packed the Cox Capitol Theater to celebrate the former H and H Restaurant owner’s big day.

“I just love people, just like the Allman Brothers,” Mama Louise said. “When they came to Macon, I just looked out the window one day and the girl working with me said, 'Louise, what do you keep looking out that window for?' 'I’m looking out this window because I see a crowd of hippies coming.'”

That crowd went on to be the famous Allman Brothers Band. She fed them time and time again even when they had no money to pay for it.

“I see somebody hungry, they didn’t have no money, they didn’t have no job, this was the first time they had been to Macon,” Mama Louise said. “They didn’t know nothing, and I fed them and I enjoyed them. I appreciate all of them. They turned out to be real nice to me.”

The Tubman Museum honored her before the concert got rockin’ with their Act of Courage award. They presented her with the medal for her kindness and impact she and her restaurant had on the community

“That became a place in which black and white ate together, despite Jim Crow and rigid segregation. It brought people together,” Tubman Museum Executive Director Andy Ambrose said.

Even today, Mama Louise still has that ability, bringing all types of people together.

“I just enjoyed it, I know the Lord's good to me and that’s all,” Mama Louise said.