A Macon church is working to make sure no family goes hungry this holiday season.

Next Sunday, Martha Bowman United Methodist Church will host its first ever “Pantry Project.”

It is an event to collect food items for Macon Outreach.

Picking up an extra food item or two is a small act Ann Loyd says can make a huge difference.

“In our own community, Macon, there’s a great need and we don’t always see it,” said Loyd.

Loyd is a volunteer for Macon Outreach – a non-profit that provides meals and a food pantry for those living in poverty.

“It was a grandmother and she was raising her seven grandchildren on her social security income,” said Loyd.

She says it is people like that who motivate her to do whatever it takes to make sure Macon Outreach's shelves stay stocked.

“We have the privilege of going into our pantry and choosing what we want to eat. These families…that’s not [the case],” said Loyd.

Elizabeth Hammock says that is why Martha Bowman United Methodist Church wanted to find a way to help.

“We want to be aware of all of those needs and be the hands and feet of Jesus,” said Hammock.

Hammock says they are working with two local grocery stores to help feed these families.

“We're going to actually have trucks in the parking lot accepting the donations people are buying that day, and then the trucks go straight down to Macon Outreach and drop them off,” said Hammock.

If you are not able to stop by one of the participating grocery stores, the church is also excepting donations right inside their doors.

But Loyd says their work does not stop once they give the food out.

“I think of that grandmother and we prayed together for her and each one of those children before she left,” said Loyd.

She says through their mission and their faith, they are creating relationships that in the end can help make Macon a stronger and more united community.

Hammock says the trucks will be at the Bass Road Publix and the Kroger off of Forsyth Road from 10:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. next Sunday.

For more information on Macon Outreach or how you can get involved, click this link.