It's small business Saturday, and one Central Georgia Technical College student has opened up a bakery business to help avoid racking up college loans.

Going to school to become a neonatal anesthesiologist, freshman, Anna Elder says she's already starting to realize that school can get pretty pricey!

So she turned to baking to raise a little extra cash.

"I would just be mixing around ingredients and I would bring it to school and everyone was like these are really good and it got to the point where people were like even when I go to bakeries nothing tastes like this so it kinda gave me the idea that hey maybe people really are interested in what I'm doing," Elder said.

So, she started selling baked goods to her friends and family to help with the increasing debt.

"There's only so much that loans and student scholarships pay for so I kind of got creative and at first it started with my friends purchasing the baked goods and then I was really surprised at the support system that I noticed around the Jones County area and it expanded from there," she mentioned about her home-based business.

With support from all around Central Georgia, she has a plan to make the increasing school debt a little less stressful.

"Basically what happens is when I sell these goods, I put the money towards the side and it helps me pay for my textbooks because even this upcoming semester my textbooks are going to cost me $1200 and that's with them being used," she said.

Elder says her goal is to get her business to the point where she can easily afford to pay her tuition and pay off her student loans.

She added that she loves sharing her passion and talks about what makes her stand out in the baking business.

"I think what really makes me stand out is the fact that I kind of work with the people I don't over charge and I'm also very lenient on my recipes. I can do vegan desserts I can do vegetarian, at the end of the day I want to make my clientele happy and what I'm doing is helping bring others together," she said.

Elder says one thing that makes her stand out is that she doesn't stick to her recipes.. she can make anything sugar free or even vegan!

She says her desserts are less than $20 dollars, so if you'd like to find out how to order some sweet treats and support Elder's dream click here.