A man died after an overnight shooting in Montezuma.

Montezuma Police Chief Erick Finch says 44-year-old Willie Simpson was shot late Sunday night and died at a hospital in Americus.

Several hours later, the alleged gunman – Tony Davis Jr. -- turned himself in.

While Davis sits in jail, Simpson's mother is searching for answers.

Our Yvonne Thomas spoke with her this morning.

She says Davis and her son were friends and she has no idea what wrong Sunday night.

“They told me ‘I ain’t gonna beat around the bush Gladys, he's gone.’ I said gone...gone where,” said Gladys Simpson.

She’s still in shock.

"I said oh Jesus, I can't believe it. I just fell over. I started shaking and people were trying to hold me and comfort me,” said Simpson.

She says she knew there was a shooting Sunday night just a few miles away.

“I have a scanner and I heard the shots. It was five shots,” said Simpson.

She listened closer.

“Whoever it was was on the ground. I heard they weren’t doing so well and they were gasping for air. I still didn’t know it was him,” said Simpson.

She unknowingly listened to her son’s last breaths.

“I’m just trying to hold myself together. I don’t know for how long,” said Simpson.

So far, investigators don’t know what led to the shooting. Finch says the two knew each other and Gladys says they were friends.

“They would be together and hang together. I've never known them to have problems,” said Simpson.

No matter the reason, she knows it won’t bring her son back.

“I’m going to miss him. He didn’t deserve to die like that,” said Simpson, “it’s cold blooded.”

As investigators continue working, a community is still trying to make sense of the violence.