Under a vase of roses at the Macon County Chamber of Commerce, you'll find a newspaper with a familiar face, and an autographed hat with a familiar signature.

That's because Macon County is where star UGA linebacker Roquan Smith calls home.

"Roquan Smith has got a special place in our heart, of course," says Jule and Bonnie Windham. The couple just returned from Pasadena where they watched Smith make 11 tackles in the Rose Bowl.

"Absolutely the best football game I've ever attended, by far," says the couple. "He just seems to be such a humble young man and just a very good representation of our community."

"He's a leader. He's a good tackler. He very seldom misses any tackles. He played a wonderful game," says Kirkland Smith, Roquan's cousin.

Kirkland and his wife, Gwen, also attended to the first Rose Bowl that UGA has played in since 1943.

"I always text him the day before the game and tell him what he needs to do to bring the win back to Georgia," says Gwen.

And apparently her messages worked. The Dawgs came out on top 54-48 in the Rose Bowl, thanks to 11 tackles from the "defensive player" of the game.

Roy Yoder watched the game from home in Macon County. He served as a mentor for Smith during his high school years.

"I told him once, 'Commit to the G.' I'm not a UGA fan, but commit to the G. It's God, grades, and the gridiron, and I think he's done that," says Yoder.

And now he's basking in the "glory" as he helps UGA finish out a historical season.

Dot Barker with the Chamber of Commerce says after the national championship they plan to dedicate a day to Roquan in Macon County.