Ginger Stir-fry and Grill closed its doors to the public this past Saturday.

When the doors re-open some time in October, the name and concept will change completely, according to Matthew and Nikki Hammock.

The restaurant will be called Oliver's Corner Bistro, named after their son Oliver, and it will be open for lunch and dinner, with two separate menus for each time of the day.

"The concept's completely changing. There's no more stir-fry. It's going to be an American-style bistro with a lot of European influences," Matthew Hammock said.

His wife added, there will definitely be "some healthier options compared to what Macon's current downtown offerings are."

The couple says the goal is to offer a fine dining experience without the normal fine dining price.They describe Oliver's Corner Bistro as "upscale casual."

They each worked for the previous owner of the restaurant, Cesare Mammeralla. Matthew spent three years as the executive chef at downtown Tic Toc Room,and Nikki was a manager at Bearfoot Tavern.

The two currently work at Natalia's on Bass Road.

They are gearing up to use the experiences they have gained through work and education to operate Oliver's Corner Bistro.