A Macon family is mourning Monday after their daughter was killed in a car accident over the weekend. 17-year-old Shi'Kemmia Glover was driving when she overcorrected her steering and struck a small embankment.

The Georgia State Patrol says it happened just before midnight Saturday on Highway 24 in Washington County. GSP says the car overturned several times, landing in a tree. Claire Davis spoke to her family and friends to learn more about Glover.

Macon-Bibb Fire Corporal Jonathan Glover says it’s a phone call he’ll never forget, “Numbness, a lot of numbness, disbelief. You hope that it isn't your kid, you don't want this to happen to anybody else's kid,” he said. “She was just a very happy person, she loved to have fun, she was just a very outgoing girl. She kept us happy all the time,” said Glover.

Shi'Kemmia Glover was his only daughter and he says she was very close with her three brothers. “We have a son with autism, so she was very good with him and she helped out a whole lot. She brought him along pretty much to where he is today, got him speaking some words and some things that we couldn't get him to do and she was able to get him to do it,” said Glover.

Jordan Green says he grew up with the ambitious Westside High School basketball player. “She was a very exciting person. Like, just funny, just outgoing,” said Green.

The Georgia State Patrol says Glover wasn't wearing a seatbelt late Saturday when her car hit an embankment and she was ejected into a small pond. Now her father says he has a message for other teens out on the road. “Keep your seatbelt on, stay safe, and obey the laws. Traffic laws. Just be safe,” said Glover.

A passenger, Nyla Belcher, was trapped in the car until she freed herself and flagged down a passing driver. She was flown to Macon with non-life-threatening injuries.