One Macon family is “sickened” after two of their loved-ones suffered drug overdoses within the last 24 hours.

Gregory Mitchell, 52 and Betty Jean Collins, 62, were taken to the Medical Center, Navicent Health within the last day due to overdoses.

Mitchell died Tuesday morning, according to Bibb County coroner Leon Jones.

The family says Collins is expected to recover. She was taken to the hospital Monday night.

Her husband has already been released from the hospital after suffering an overdose as well.

The family says authorities told them the overdoses were related to the pills believed to be the cause of a string of overdoses in Georgia.

Johnny Royal is Mitchell and Collins’ brother-in-law and said it was “sickening” that this had happened to the family twice in such a short time.

“I always tell people, today, if you got family, let them know you love them, because you never know when the last time you’ll see them. We just talked to Gregory yesterday, who’d have thought he’d be dead today,” Royal said.

The family said Mitchell had a history with drugs, but did not think Collins did.

“Gregory was a good person, easy to get along with, he loved everybody, he did what he could for you. I mean if you need Gregory, call him and Gregory was going to come to you,” Royal said.

Mitchell and Collins’ brother, Robert Mattox, said the last 24 hours had been “overwhelming."