Jean Smith-Roberts is in the process of planning funeral services for her son.

Emmanuel Stroud Jr., 24, died early Sunday morning at the hospital after being shot in west Macon as he walked near the intersection of Edwina and Walmar drives.

Roberts attended another funeral just over two months ago. Her son's father, Emmanuel Stroud Sr., 57, was found shot to death. He was missing for a about a month until a worker found his body July 18 near a home in the 3500 block of Clark Street off of Bloomfield Drive.

Emmanuel Stroud Sr.

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Bibb investigators haven't made arrests in either shooting.

Missing his father

Stroud Jr. lived with his mother and her husband - his stepfather. He lived with them for most of his life, Smith-Roberts said.

Stroud Jr. had difficulty coping after his father's violent death, his mother says.

"They were close," she said about the father and son. "They would argue like fathers and sons argue, but they were close. He loved his father."

After Stroud Sr.'s killing, Smith-Roberts said her son was in disbelief. "That's all he talked about. ... He couldn't believe he was gone. He missed his father."

The son ended up meeting the same fate as his father just a few months later.

Emmanuel Stroud Jr.

"He knew how to pray"

At the time of his death, Emmanuel Stroud Jr. was unemployed. He previously worked at Captain D's and Ready Pac Foods, his mother said.

"He was an outgoing person," Smith-Roberts said about her son. "Everybody loved him. He had a kind spirit. He would pray. ... I'd come in and he'd be watching a gospel service (on TV) and he'd be on his knees praying. He knew about God because that's what I instilled in him."

Smith-Roberts said she's been praying a lot.

"I just keep praying. That's all I can do," she said. "I don't have any hate in my heart. People need to stop being so cold-hearted and evil."

Past run-in with the law

Stroud Jr. was arrested and charged with robbery in October 2015. Bibb deputies said he held a woman at gunpoint as she walked out of Golden Corral restaurant near Eisenhower Parkway.

According to a sheriff's office incident report, Stroud Jr. held the woman at gunpoint and asked if she had his cell phone. When she said 'no,' he searched her pockets and took two cell phones that didn't belong to him.

Emmanuel Lee Stroud Jr. is charged with armed robbery, possession of a firearm and criminal street gang activity. (Bibb County Sheriff's Office)