The Macon Film Festival came to an end Sunday by wrapping up with a tribute to the Allman Brothers.

The Douglass Theatre screened a documentary about the years the Allman Brothers spent at the Big House.

The president of the board of directors for the festival, Julie Wilkerson, says they chose to finish with that film as a way to transition into Bragg Jam.

Wilkerson calls this year a success and says they are noticing even more support from the local community.

“We are seeing a level of engagement from the Macon community that we haven’t always had," said Wilkerson. "We've really watched it grow over the last 12 years, so not only has our attendance grown, [but] the filmmakers always come from out of town. We always get their supporters from out of town, but what's been really exciting over the last several years is to watch how we've grown over the central Georgia community."

If you are interested in seeing which films won prizes, click this link.