Macon film Commissioner, Terrell Sandefur, said Macon stands out to movie companies because of some of its unique locations.

When it comes to shooting a movie in Macon, Terrell Sandefur knows just the spot for almost any scene.

“There's a movie or a television show that this would be perfect for,” says Sandefur describing a historic Macon home. However, it is the historic infrastructure that Sandefur says is putting a spotlight on filming in Macon.

“A setting like this. There aren’t many homes in America that are still standing from this period that look like this,” says Sandefur. Hee says The Hay House gives an antebellum setting with enough space for a film crew to set up inside. Some of the reasons why Sandefur says the TV show “The Originals” filmed there.

“There is nothing like Luther Williams in the state of Georgia,” says Sandefur. He says the fact that the field has not been renovated, makes it the perfect spot for TV shows like “Brockmire” and movies like “42.”

“It was a period piece, so it’s in keeping with what it actually looked like back then,” says Sandefur.

However, it is behind the buildings of downtown where Sandefur says the real magic is made.

“These alleys keep going and going and going so the depth perception of the shot is super impressive,” says Sandefur. He says that it is hard to find, and it is one reason why need for speed filmed several racing scenes in those alleys.

“Luther Williams Field, the Hay House, some of these other historic structures but at the same time these alleys in downtown. Nobody's got the alleys like we've got the alleys,” says Sandefur.