A Macon group is working to change where people can park in historic neighborhoods, all in an effort to help preserve the homes.

The Vineville Neighborhood Association wants to get parked cars off of people's yards and instead get them onto the street.

Driving through the Vineville neighborhood, Lars Anderson says you’ll find some of Macon’s greatest treasures.

“Yes, Macon is music, yes, Macon is our universities, but in terms of our living areas…our historic areas make Macon a very special place,” says Anderson.

He says the neighborhood’s historical homes are what makes Macon unique, but he says some of his neighbors are blocking people from seeing that.

“They’ve just pulled through and they’re parking on the grass right in front of the house. There is no parking area here, but the grass is worn out, the turf is gone and it negatively affects the streetscape,” said Anderson.

Anderson says it’s a safety issue because some cars are blocking sidewalks, so he and the Neighborhood Association have become the driving force in hoping to get Macon-Bibb Planning & Zoning to amend an ordinance preventing people from parking in their yards.

“These are the things that we want to do to keep our neighborhoods safe, to keep our neighborhoods as good investments, and to preserve the residential aspects of all these neighborhoods,” said Anderson.

He says the ordinance would apply to all historical neighborhoods in Macon. It’s a change Miki Fluker says could benefit her neighborhood – North Highlands.

“You might have five properties in a row where everybody’s parked and it looks nice. Then all of the sudden you have someone who’s parked in the middle of their front yard and it makes it an eyesore,” said Fluker.

Anderson says by amending the ordinance, he is hoping to give eyesores the boot and keep the history alive in these neighborhoods.

Planning & Zoning is scheduled to vote on this amendment at their Dec. 11 meeting.