A Macon group is working to make roads safer for the traveling public.

On most days, Bethany Rogers says she gets to work by foot or bike.

“I have actually been in a couple bad bike accidents, so I do wear my helmet,” says Rogers.

Even though none of the accidents were in Macon, Rogers says she tries to always ride in bike-friendly areas.

“To have that space where the cars stay away and they’re aware that if they’re going to make a right hand turn or what have you, they know that there might be somebody there, that they need to look out for, and it gives me a little more room to be a defensive driver when I’ve got that lane,” says Rogers.

Rogers says she was excited when she found out that Bike Walk Macon is working to get a complete street policy in Bibb County.

“It really does make a big difference to have that room and to know that you're a little more secure,” says Rogers.

The executive director of Bike Walk Macon, Rachel Hollar, says they are talking to Bibb commissioners about the policy in hopes of making the roads safer.

“Not only building a street the way it's always been built, but going through the different steps to decide can we accommodate room for pedestrians, room for bicyclists, room for transit riders,” says Hollar.

Hollar says the policy would require engineers to consider all types of transportation before doing any construction on county roads.

“This makes it so that we kind of confront that at the beginning so we're not having to go back and rework on projects,” says Hollar.

Rogers says this change could be a step in the right direction.

“Then I think we'll really start to feel like it’s a walkable, bike-able place,” says Rogers.

Hollar says they plan to create an agenda item for the county to officially approve the policy after Tuesday's discussion.