A motorcycle club and a women's group.

I's not the most common combination, but as Zach Merchant tells us, on Saturday, it was just what five local families needed.

In one corner of Macon, Santa's sleigh had some pretty funny looking reindeer.

They're a part of a motorcycle group called G Riderz.

The club partnered with a charitable group called SPIN, which stands for Serving People In Need. It began with a group of friends from the past.

"We all went to high school together...and we decided that we were going to adopt families every year for Christmas," said Stephanie Stubbs Lee, a member of the SPIN group.

And after loading up their cars with hundreds of gifts, SPIN, and their friends from G Riderz. did just that.

SPIN used thousands of dollars of their own members' money with some help from corporate sponsors like Tyson Foods to buy and deliver Christmas gifts for five needy families.

Diane Rivers was one of them.

"Oh, it's just, it's just a joy just knowing that Tanisha's special needs and she see all these people and she's really excited because when they leave she's gonna say 'OH mommy mommy...PEOPLE CAME!" Rivers said.

The families were grateful for the gifts, and the G Riderz were thankful for a chance to do some good.

"It's time to change the image cause the old image -- that isn't us anymore."Desmond Tennison who's a part of the G Riderz club. "We more about the community., the people in it, not just out here having fun and enjoying ourselves we wanna make sure everyone see what we do."

It's not just during Christmas either.

The G Riderz and Spin both say they assist families throughout the year.