Not just residents, but hospitals, too, will potentially be evacuating the Georgia coasts, and here in Macon, some patients could be heading this way.

Emergency Management Specialist, Stephen Ramsey, says he's in constant communication with areas in jeopardy of being evacuated.

He says if Savannah is evacuated, he would have to determine what patients go to which hospitals here in Central Georgia.

And Ramsey says although it could be a significant number of new patients for Central Georgia hospitals, he says staff will handle the load just like they would anyone else coming to seek care.

"We're here to serve the community and it's no different if there was an issue here we needed to respond to," Stephen Ramsey said. "So you know, we work together as a team state-wide and regionally to ensure that everyone continues to provide that quality of care."

He says he and his team are prepared to handle the load if Savannah and other coastal areas evacuate.