Many Macon hotels are filling up due to Hurricane Matthew.

As evacuees flee Georgia's coast, more are planning to come to Macon before the storm hits.

A clerk at Hampton Inn & Suites off of Interstate 75 North says, “It is crazy,” when asked if they were seeing more reservations being made due to people evacuating.

Macon Marriott City Center downtown also say they're booked through the week.

And while Hilton Garden Inn on Mercer University Drive says they were already near being fully booked, they did say that “the last few rooms went to evacuees”.

Seven other hotels we spoke with across Macon are fully booked until this upcoming weekend because of Hurricane Matthew.

Sue Remble and Cathy Woods decided Tuesday night to evacuate their home in Hilton Head, South Carolina to avoid the effects of Hurricane Matthew, but they say a Macon staycation is OK with them.

"Everybody from there, pretty much Macon is the place to head, so we knew it would be packed up front. It's a party. We're having a hurricane party away from the hurricane," says Remble.

A director over at the Marriott in Downtown Macon on Coliseum Drive says Macon's the perfect place to come to get away from the weather woes.

"Find a town that is warm and welcoming like Macon is. That has a good hotel and a lot of activities to have a little staycation and make fun of it," says Director of Sales and Marketing Roaldn Biron.

A couple staying downtown says they evacuated their home on an island in Savannah. They got one of the last 5 rooms at the Marriott hotel.

"The storm surge should be somewhere around 5 to 11 feet and our house is at 13 feet so it just didn't seem a wise move to stay. Leave at midnight and hope the traffics not too bad," says Jennifer Disrud.

And Macon, Georgia is already starting to see some evacuees arrive in town. Kevin Murphy, his wife Bobbi and her dad Robert, packed up their car Tuesday night in preparation to evacuate their home in Hilton Hilton, South Carolina. They managed to get a room at the Macon Marriott City Center.

Although the area's evacuation didn't go into effect until late Wednesday afternoon, they didn't want to get caught in traffic with other evacuees. But that was inevitable.

"We were in line for an hour to get gas," Bobbi said.

And then once they got on the road, Kevin says it was bumper to bumper trying to get out of town.

"It was heavy on 278, the second half of 278. It was bumper to bumper," Kevin said. "What normally takes 30 minutes to get to 95, took an hour and ten. And then once we got to 95, the police were great directing us on, you know, disregarding the lights and controlling the traffic."

Bobbi says as far as how long they'll stay, they're playing it by ear.

"Our reservation, it's for 2 nights. We couldn't get 4," Bobbi said. "So we'll be here for 2 and we're hoping things turn around, that the people from Florida here will eventually go home and we can stay another two nights but we're going up to Atlanta. We made reservations at the Marriott in Atlanta for Friday and Saturday, then hopefully we can get back home."