Officers arrested a Macon man after allegedly firing shots outside a home Friday afternoon.

Sheriff David Davis says it happened around 3:20 p.m. at a home on Ross Street.

That's off Oglethorpe Street.

He says someone saw Reginald Wilmore with a gun and called 911.

Sheriff Davis says when a deputy arrived, Wilmore fired several shots but not at the deputy. He then ran into the house.

"The community can be very proud of the response that our hostage negotiators had today as well as the SWAT team. They train for these types of incidents. They're training came in, the plan to implement to resolve these situations worked very well. It's always good when a situation like this resolves itself without anyone getting hurt, especially when firearms have been introduced into the equation," said Davis.

Wilmore gave up about two hours later after a SWAT team surrounded the house.

Nobody was hurt although two nearby schools went on lockdown.