A Macon man is in jail without bond after he allegedly stabbed his wife in the face with a steak knife.

According to a Bibb County incident report, two deputies responded to a call of a person cut in the Pendleton Homes housing project in 3400-block of Houston Avenue on Sunday, March 5.

The report says as a deputy arrived on the scene, a car was speeding towards the exit.

The deputy stopped the car and two women got out. The woman who was sitting in the backseat, 30-year-old Sierra Jackson, ran to the deputy yelling, ‘Help me. He tried to kill me.’

The report says Jackson was only wearing a bra and pants, and that they were covered in blood and she had cuts to her face and head.

Jackson told the deputy her husband, 38-year-old Emanuel Williams, got upset because she said she was done with him and she had been talking to someone else.

She said they began arguing and he dragged her into the car. Once they got home, he asked her how she wanted to die. He then grabbed a knife and came after her – ultimately stabbing her on the porch of a friend’s apartment.

Witnesses told the deputy that they were inside when they heard Jackson beating on the door and screaming for help. When they opened the door, they saw Jackson get pulled back by the hair and stabbed.

The two women then punched and kicked Williams to get him off Jackson.

Williams was arrested on warrants Saturday, June 10.

He is charged with probation violation, false imprisonment, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.