A Macon man is in jail after he allegedly kicked in his mother’s front door to get her car keys and sat on top of a Bibb corporal.

An incident report says two corporals were sent to a home in the 3400-block of Ohara Dr. N. for a domestic disturbance call Sunday around 6:40 a.m.

The homeowner told them she went downstairs around 2 a.m. and found her front and back doors open, and her car was missing.

Later that morning, her daughter called and told her that 26-year-old Brian Javan Fuller said he took their mother’s car without permission and kicked in the front door to get the keys.

The corporals then found Fuller peeing behind the neighbor’s backyard utility shed and they asked him to turn around so they could arrest him for criminal trespassing.

Once they got back to the patrol car, Fuller broke out of the corporal’s hold and tried to run away.

The report says Fuller was tackled to the ground and held down by the assisting corporal while the other corporal went to move the car closer.

When the corporal got to the car, he saw Fuller lying on top of the other corporal in the side mirror and then he was tased twice so he would comply.

Fuller was taken to the Bibb County jail and charged with criminal trespassing, obstruction of law enforcement, and theft by taking.

A use of force report will also be filed by the corporal for administrative review.