A family on the run from Hurricane Irma is thankful for a Good Samaritan who welcomed them into his home after a chance encounter at a Macon gas station.

When grandmother, Dyane Chisholm, decided to evacuate her family of 8 from Savannah they booked a rental home in Macon. But she says when they arrived, it was un-inhabitable.

Tired, homeless, and with 4 young children, the group wasn't sure what to do. Then, they met Undra Coverson at a gas station Saturday afternoon.

"An angel had just told me to get out of my car and there's this gentleman, Undra," says Chisholm.

"So I told her, I live down the street you can bring the kids to use the bathroom or whatever," says Coverson.

But during the short drive back to his home, Coverson decided the family could stay for longer than a "pit stop."

Now, baby food and personal belongings line his home. The family unpacked and settled into their family home.

"It's just a miracle, its gods work, its gods work," says Chisholm. "This is how I met my new family."