A recently leaked video of Donald Trump has sparked a lot of discussion about locker room talk. In the video, Trump explicitly talked about kissing, groping, and trying to have sex with women. Madison Cavalchire went straight to the source-- a locker room-- to find out what some athletes here in Central Georgia say about the subject.

So we asked Macon Mayhem hockey players, is it harmless, or hurtful?

"It is guys just being guys," says Jake Trask. "I think it's normal."

Mark Rivera says locker room talk has quieted down, now that some of the players have wives and children.

"We're getting older and more respectful," Rivera says.

These players say, in sports, locker room talk starts as early as Middle School. They all admit, everyone has said something they shouldn't have.

"I'm sure everyone has said something in the locker room that they're not proud of, or they wouldn't want to come out," says Nick Grasso.

They all say they think the leaked video of Trump was taking the talk too far.

"You want to come across polite," says Grasso. "If you want to meet a new girl, or a female, you obviously want to come across polite and genuine."

Dottie Stafford, a sexual assault advocate with Crisis Line SafeHouse, says talk behind closed doors is dangerous.

"Just hearing words like that," Stafford says. "If there are people that are impressionable in the room, young men, people that are listening."

If you witness locker room talk, Stafford says, speak out and stop it.

"They're not just words, they have a meaning, and that meaning is profound," Stafford says. "If it was your sister, or your mother, or someone in your family, you wouldn't want someone talking about them like that."

Back in the locker room, these players say, what's said in the locker room, stays in the locker room-- but-- you have to be careful.

"Nowadays people really have to be careful about what they say and where they say it, because everybody has their phones out," says Garrett Bartus.

The Macon Mayhem hockey players also say their coaches have strict social media policies. If they were caught saying something inappropriate, especially on video, they could be kicked off the team.