On Tuesday, Mayor Robert Reichert declared May 16, 2017 as Mount de Sales Day in Macon-Bibb. The school was honored with a historical marker for educating its students for more than 140 years and completing their on-campus renovations. Yvonne Thomas spoke to students who say the new changes on campus make their learning experience more impactful.

Celebrating more than 140 years of education, Mount de Sales Academy received a historical marker to add to their newly renovated campus.

“The outside needed to match the quality of the education on the inside,” said Chris Sheridan, Trustee of Phil & Alice Sheridan Foundation.

The Academy has completed a nearly 18-month-long revitalization project with the Historic Macon Foundation. “I love it,” said 11th grader Austin Vorse. “It used to look a little rundown. It wasn't the prettiest thing to look at.”

Now, the campus has new outdoor areas, plazas, and renovated green spaces for students. “It's great when I came here. We didn't have much of anything,” said senior William Claudepounds. “We used to go to school with the high schoolers.”

Now middle schoolers have a building to call their own, Cuddy Hall. “I love Cuddy Hall because it's so beautiful and so much went into making it special,” said Claudepounds.

But even with all the new additions on campus... These students say they also remember their school’s history in Macon. “Lately, especially with all the renovations and stuff, I keep thinking wow this school has changed so much but it’s still so good to students,” said 11th grader Sarah Jane Thompson.

That's a legacy that students staff hope to continue for years to come. Phil J. and the Alice S. Sheridan Foundation helped sponsor the 18-month campus renovations.