Dozens of people marched through the streets of the Bellevue neighborhood with one clear message -- end domestic violence.

Family of La'Smockie Fountain hosted a walk for the second year in her honor. Fountain lost her life to domestic violence back in May of 2015.

Somer Stafford was her cousin and said it was important do the walk in the neighborhood where Fountain lived and died.

“Each day it gets a little easier. Nothing could ever take the place of her, but that’s why we’re going to make what happened as beautiful as we can and prevent any other family or any other loved ones [from] having to go through this,” said Stafford.

She said putting an end to domestic violence starts in the neighborhood.

“We have things going on in our community, so having it here is letting people know we can start here in our own community,” said Stafford. “We don't have to go to some big park. We can start here and make this a big thing, so everyone will know we were affected and we don’t want anyone else to be affected like this.”

If you know someone dealing with domestic violence, you can call the crisis line for help. That number is 478-745-9292.