A Macon nonprofit is working to help repair the homes of elderly and disabled people.

Thanks to community development block grants, Rebuilding Macon has more than $180,000 to make these changes.

Annie Vinson says she leaves early in the morning to get dialysis three times a week.

“When I leave [at] 3:30 a.m., it's so dark and it's very scary,” said Vinson.

Vinson parks her car right outside her door, but with only one flood light, she says it makes it hard to see and makes her worried.

“In the morning, I just jump on in there and lock the door because you don't know what's standing outside when you leave,” said Vinson.

Vinson says when she heard about Rebuilding Macon, a nonprofit that repairs houses for disabled and elderly people, she picked up the phone and called.

“I just get a check just once a month and you can just do so much with that check,” said Vinson.

Thanks to grants, donations and volunteers, Derek Thomas from Rebuilding Macon says they are able to give Vinson some additional lighting.

“This lady…we're doing a little bit of electrical work. Next week, we're going to be tearing out and replacing the entire kitchen, so while this is a one-day project, the one we do next week will be a week-long project,” said Thomas.

Thomas says they repair more than 250 homes a year, and all of the repairs are free of cost.

“There is a need in Bibb County for the work that we do, fighting blight and homelessness,” said Thomas.

Vinson says thanks to the work of the organization; life is a little brighter.

“It's a blessing. A big blessing,” said Vinson.

To learn how you or someone you know can sign up to receive these repairs, call Rebuild Macon's office at (478) 744-9808.