The families of Tuesday night's shooting victims are still trying to make sense of the violence while having to make arrangements to lay those loved ones to rest.

Gabrielle Dawkins spoke to two Macon funeral homes about a story they see all too often: young lives being lost to violence.

“Sometimes it's very disturbing to see our young people that are being killed and gunned down for very cowardly acts,” said Roland Stroud, funeral counselor and pastor of Bentley and Son's Funeral Home.

Stroud says it's never pleasant to see a young life rolling into the chapel.

“It's very disturbing for us to see this happen,” says Stroud. “Over and over and over again, it’s time out.”

He says mothers are losing children due to something simple like cash.

“'Get rich or die trying.' That's a quotation that they use often. We read in the word where it says that the love of money is the root of all evil. I think money plays a major role in these things that are happening,” says Stroud.

A mile away at Richard Robinson Funeral Home, family members will be making plans for Jackie Rouse, one of the victims of Tuesday night's shootings.

“Certainly for a child or a young person to pass away, to leave their parents behind, that's just not the natural way of life,” says Robinson.

Richardson says in his 7 years in the funeral business, he has helped people cope with the loss of a loved one.

“It's extremely unfortunate. It's very sad, and some cases, even classmates of mine who are younger than me or the same age of me, and it definitely opens your eyes to how precious life really is and how you should never take any day for granted,” says Robinson.

No matter how many bodies both funeral homes lay to rest, they both agree that the violence needs to stop.