Macon has been ranked number 15 out of 383 cities in the country for women entrepreneurs.

The report from GoodCall, LLC says they base the rankings on networking potential, business climate, educational values and economic health, and Macon faired pretty well.

13WMAZ's Jobie Peeples went to Karats and Keepsakes boutique on Forsyth Road in Macon where she talked to the owner to hear her thoughts on the ratings.

Julie G. Evans owns the boutique, and she says being in business for 30 years like she has takes a lot of hard work.

"I do everything from cleaning to ordering, to selling, I do it all," says Evans.

But she's not the only female businesswoman who's making a name for herself.

According to a report from GoodCall, LLC, the Macon metro area is ranked number 15 out of 383 U.S. cities for women entrepreneurs.

"I say I'm a little surprised that we're number 15, but maybe not so much. Maybe not so much. There's a lot of great female talent in this town," Evans says. "I think the perception is changing about who can do what."

Evans says with Macon growing, it's the perfect place to own a business.

"There's great shopping in this city, there's great restaurants, there are great schools and great teachers, there's just so much to love," Evans says.

And she's been pretty successful. 10 years ago, she became so successful her business was able to give back to the community.

Evans says, "Our biggest involvement in the community is autism. We actually call that our philanthropy."

Karats and Keepsakes hosts an annual fundraiser, "Cupcakes and Cocktails."

This year, they were able to donate $15,000 to Central Georgia Autism.

Evans says her secret is, "You have to have passion for whatever you do. You have to know this is what you want to do, because there's going to be great days and there's going to be not so great days. There's going to be some bad days. But you have to have the passion."

The city of Savannah, ranked number 9, is the only other Georgia city on GoodCall's top 100 best places for women entrepreneurs.