A Macon rapper is headed back to federal prison for the second time on drug charges.

James Maxwell -- who performs under the name Sonny Spoon -- pleaded guilty last year to two counts of marijuana possession with intent to distribute.

On Wednesday, in federal court in Macon, Judge Marc Treadwell sentenced him to serve up to 10 years, followed by two years' supervised release, according to court records.

Prosecutors said Spoon sold marijuana out of his studio, including a 19-pound shipment he received in 2014.

Two weeks later, officers stopped Spoon's limousine in Taylor County and seized nearly $185,000. Prosecutors said the money was supposed to pay a dealer in Texas for marijuana.

In 2015, a federal grand jury indicted Spoon and 30 other people in what prosecutors called a multi-state drug ring.

They said some of the drug trafficking through the mail system and through commercial vehicles, shipping items from Houston, Texas and Northern California to Macon.

Indictments claimed drug money was put into bank accounts where account holders quickly withdrew the deposited cash from banks in Texas and Northern California.

Several other defendants have already pleaded guilty in the case, but others are still awaiting trial.

Spoon spent six years in prison on drug and weapons charges, from 2004 to 2010.

When he was released, he began speaking to Macon youth about staying out of trouble, avoiding gangs and making better choices.

Maxwell is best known for performing the Atlanta Falcons fight song "The Dirty Bird."

Spoon released this song a few ago: