Of all the food-centric holidays, Thanksgiving reigns supreme.

For many, it's a time for gigantic feasts with all the fixin's. But for others, they're just looking for a meal. That's where the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia steps in.

Mission CEO Pat Chastain says "we believe that there's a need in our community that calls for men and women to be fed that probably couldn't do it for themselves."

The rescue mission provides meals to those in need as well as housing and recovery programming for those battling addiction and homelessness. On a day of a gratitude, Chastain says his team is thankful for what they're able to provide.

"I think so many times there's just not a place to go for men and women to get their life back on track. So that's what we're thankful for the most."

It's a program that Reggie Stanley is grateful for. After a long bout with alcoholism, he decided to enter the mission's residential program about nine months ago. When he thinks back to those early days now, he sees how much the program has changed him.

"Looking back on nine months ago..I would say it's made me a stronger person," said Stanley.

A team of over 200 residents like Stanley, volunteers, and staff like Greg Brooks have joined together to serve over 1,200 meals to those in need throughout central Georgia.

Even though it's a massive effort, Brooks doesn't seem to mind.

"I love doing my job," said Brooks. "I love working with the guys...it's all about teaching and giving something back...it's a blessing...a God given blessing."

For those involved, it really was a day to be thankful for.