This week, The Salvation Army in Macon is taking in more people than normal because of the cold temperatures. We're in for another round of cold weather Thursday night. The Salvation Army is asking for donations to help get people off of the streets. Yvonne Thomas spoke to one man who's thankful for a warm place to stay.

Before the freezing cold temperatures, The Salvation Army worked to gather supplies. “We knew there would be a need for some big items,” said Shelter Director Charles Pope. “But when inclement weather comes like this, we're always in need of extra items.”

Especially when shelter numbers are doubling almost every night. “We had forty in the beds and twenty-four in the cots,” said Pope. “That's just our men's division. Then add about fifty or sixty more for women and children.” “I'm on a cot right now, and it'll probably be that way until Friday,” said Tymarieo Martin.

Tymarieo Martin says even with limited space, he's thankful he could sleep where it's warm. “It's been OK, except for the cold nights,” said Martin. “The atmosphere is good here and the people are very friendly.”

Martin says the shelter helps people like him. Now the Salvation Army needs help from people like you. “I know they need blankets, when it comes to the cold weather anything helps,” said Martin. “We're looking for blankets, soap, washing powder, and coats,” said Pope, so that people like Martin can stay warm and off the streets.

Pope says you can drop off the donations at the Salvation Army Shelter on Broadway. You can also donate online at