While many were without power, some used the time with the lights out to take advantage of others.

Ali Zaidi spent his Friday afternoon doing something he’s already done this week -- boarding up parts of his convenience store, Bateman and Wade.

“Tuesday night, they broke in from the front door and got all of the lottery tickets, all the cash register, whatever change we had,” Zaidi said.

He says Thursday, he changed the locks and reinforced the door, but they came back that night to take more.

“This is what the livelihood was,” Zaidi said. “There were a lot of lottery tickets that they took and they had already cashed them in because we did not report it until Thursday. The door was open and people were helping themselves. Nobody called us and said anything about it.”

He says called the sheriff's office. Captain Brad Wolfe says they had less than five commercial burglaries this week after Irma came to town.

“That was just a burglary that we see at those type of convenience stores pretty regularly,” Wolfe said. "We’ve had a couple of other burglaries at commercial businesses overnight, but nothing that we would call looting. We really haven’t seen an increase in the burglaries.”

As for Zaidi, he's disheartened by the actions of a few that cost him thousands.

“Shame on you. That's it -- this was our livelihood, that's how we fed our families,” Zaidi said.

Zaidi does not plan to reopen the store again.