After authorities caught one suspect in the Cricket Wireless robbery, the remaining two ditched their car on Interstate 475 and tried to steal another car. A Bolingbroke teen wouldn’t let his car go without a fight.

It was a pretty normal Monday evening for Linda Jellum and her family, until about 8:15 p.m.

“It seems surreal. It’s really hard to explain,” Jellum said.

She says she noticed someone strange in the backyard of her lakefront home on Williamson Drive in Monroe County. She had no idea the person in her backyard was a wanted suspect for a crime in Macon.

“It’s a very small lake, there are very few people on the lake," Jellum said. “I know everybody -- this is not someone I had seen around.”

Jellum explained what happened next. She walked out back with her dog Foxy, which made the suspect uneasy. After talking with Jellum and threatening Foxy, the person headed to the neighbor’s yard. Jellum then called next door to warn them. That's when she heard her son Chris' car horn.

“The woman is basically in his car on top of him, he's in the driver’s seat,” Jellum said.

“She tells me to get out of my car, and I’m like, 'Who are you? You're not getting my car,” Chris Jellum said.

The 19-year-old wasn't about to let that happen, even after the suspect claimed to have a gun.

“I kept smacking the top of her head over and over, as fast and as powerful as I could,” Chris said.

That's when his mom unleashed Foxy and the suspect took off.

“That’s a dog that knows the difference between good people and not-so-good people,” Jellum said.

She snapped a few quick photos of the person and even jumped in the car with a neighbor to follow them, but it didn't work. Both suspects got away. Looking back now, Jellum says it could have been worse, but she still would have done the same thing.

“I wouldn't hesitate if my son or my daughter were getting hurt. I would be there in a heartbeat,” Jellum said.

The interaction lasted just a few seconds, but it left a bloody knuckle on Chris and a shocking impression on this family.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the two still on the run can call Macon Regional Crimestoppers at 1-877-68-CRIME.