Locked and loaded, 18-year-old Hunter Wealot has been shooting since he was 7 years old, and he's setting his sights on a new target.

Nicole Butler takes us out to the gun range to show off why how his talent really hits the mark.

Wealot has been chosen to represent Georgia as an ambassador in the National Sports Shooting Program.

His job is to encourage kids to take a shot at a shooting sport and help educate people on gun safety.

"When I got out there, it really clicked for me. I was like, 'In the least, this is what I want to do, it goes with my name, and, you know, just the person who I want to be, this is who I've been called to be.' Honestly, anytime I get to go shoot whatever, I just love to go out there and go to it," Wealot says.

Wealot's 18th birthday was on Thursday, so he's celebrating with a little shooting out on the range.

He looks forward using his new title as a platform to open an outdoor sporting company.