Clean clothes can make us feel good and ready to take on the day. Many Irma evacuees left with limited clothes, are now running low on clean ones.

Alyssa Oliver and other Loads of Love volunteers are changing that.

“Normally, we do our laundry once a month here at Wash-n-Dry, and this week is for the evacuees,” Oliver said.

Evacuees like Jim Gruss, who escaped Irma before she hit Florida.

“We took just certain things,” Gruss said. “I took four sets of clothes, and we've been gone almost a week.”

Out of state and out of clothes, Oliver and other Loads of Love volunteers washed, dried, and folded dozens of evacuees clothes, all for free.

“You can feel the love, you know they really care,” Gruss said. “Things like this bring out the best in people. These kids are special and you can see it.”

Clean clothes can do more than just make these temporary visitors feel better -- it can change their outlook on a tough situation.

“Getting some clothes washed will help them get back on their feet, even if it’s not a ton of clothes, it will get them through,” Oliver said.

It's a simple thing we may take for granted, but for someone like Gruss facing the unknown after a natural disaster, it can a load of difference.

“You put on clean clothes you feel like something good is going to happen,” Gruss said.

It's a clean start from a laundromat to help begin the long cleanup process.

Loads of Love washes clothes at the Wash-N-Dry on Riverside Drive every third Thursday from 5p.m. - 7p.m.