Veterans are getting to work trying to spruce up VFW Post 658.

It's been open for close to 100 years, but now the oldest chartered post in Georgia is dangerously close to shutting its doors.

Nicole Butler went to see how members are fighting to improve their post and keep it open for generations to come.

With a hammer in hand, Tracy Burkholder gets to work beautifying VFW Post 658.

“It used to be the heyday place back in the day…it was one of the best posts in the state,” said Burkholder. “[It’s hard] to see this place run down when there are so many veterans that could use a place like this.”

Burkholder says seeing the post in its current condition was too hard to bear, so he and his wife took matters into their own hands.

“The lake has grown up and grown around to where people can't even come down and fish. [You] can't do much, so we came down and started cleaning up. It really would be nice to take it back to what it could be,” said Burkholder.

From cutting down trees overgrown by the lake to cleaning up debris, the couple works hard to make the post look more appealing in hopes of attracting more members.

Their goal is to bring more veterans together and strengthen their brotherhood bond.

“To possibly help some of the veterans that are coming back that are dealing with PTSD and some of the trauma and just be a part of another community that understands what they are going through and to possibly help them and keep them going,” said Burkholder.

Post commander C Sabathne says Burkholder stepping up to the plate gives him hope for the post’s future.

“There has been more action in the last four months than the post has seen in probably the past four years,” said Sabathne.

Sabathne says he doesn't want the progress to stop. He’s asking for more veterans to join and help keep their dream alive.

“Continue to foster that brotherhood for mutual support and not only for the support of veterans, but to help veterans become leaders in our community,” said Sabathne.

Burkholder says without support; they are likely to close the post within the next couple of months.

They are asking for the community’s help to bring life back to the post and for more veterans to get involved.

You can call Sabathne at 470-231-9773 or message their Facebook page at ‘VFW Macon Georgia Post 658’ if you are interested in helping.