Jacquelyn Emory is calling herself the last man standing.

That's because she lost her only two brothers is separate shootings in Macon.

The most recent was Tuesday night when her brother Jackie Rouse was found dead in a home on Dennis Street.

"They say my brother in that house. I don't know ... they say he dead," Emory said Tuesday standing outside of the home cordoned off with yellow crime tape and blue lights from police cars flashing in the night sky.

Rouse, 38, and another man were in the home when a fight broke out, according to a Bibb County Sheriff's Office news release.

Shots were fired killing Rouse and injuring the other man who remained in a Macon hospital Wednesday.

It's not the first time Emory experienced this kind of loss.

"My first brother got killed in a double homicide. ... it's just me know," she said standing outside of the home refusing to leave without her brother's body. "I'm the last man standing," she said standing next to her father. "It's only me. I'm the only one left."

Emory's other brother, Deundra Emory, 25, was shot to death in a double homicide in 2012 at a home on Cowan Street along with another man, Antonio Fluellen, 26.

"I'm standing out here," Emory said Tuesday standing on the other side of the crime tape. "Bring that body out here."