Growing up, your parents may have told to eat your fruits and veggies.

Nowadays, some people are juicing them. Our Yvonne Thomas spoke with one woman who said she lost more than 70 pounds on a juice diet.

Three years ago, Patrice Bass decided to change what she calls "her unhealthy life style."

“When both of my grandparents told me I was overweight in their own loving way... I knew it,” said Bass. “But my clothes couldn't hide it anymore.”

Patrice said she weighed more than 250 pounds and wanted to lose a lot of it.

“I worked out for a year, but I knew that it just wasn't enough,” said Bass. “It wasn't the results that I wanted.”

After hitting a plateau, Patrice said she looked online for other weight loss options, and she joined the Juice Challenge.

With juicing, plus diet and exercise, Patrice says she dropped more than 70 pounds.

“It gave me energy,” said Bass. “It helped me with my skin. It started helping me with my nails.’

Even though juicing worked for Patrice, experts say it’s not a one size fits all recipe.

Juice dieting and juice clensing

Dietician Jullian Roberts said if you don't mix it correctly, you could gulp down "a drink full of sugar."

"Juicing is not always a good option for people,” said Roberts. “You're taking the fiber out of the fruit.”

Roberts said a high sugar juice blend could lead to overeating.

“It's very low calorie, too,” said Roberts. “You will be eating out of deficit, so you will feel those hunger pains.”

Roberts said even though juicing fruits and vegetables can add extra vitamins to your diet, you have to replace the fiber.

“I know there are some diets out there that you use them as a meal replacement,” said Roberts. “That is not something that I would ever recommend.”

But Patrice said she did her homework before she started, and when she juices she eats food that are high in fiber.

Yvonne Thomas and Patrice Bass discuss the benefits and risks of juice dieting

“You can eat salmon filets, avocados, lentil soup, beans. Those are staples in my kitchen," said Bass.

Patrice, AKA The Juice Lady, says it's not for everyone, but it works for her.

“I just choose to be healthy,” said Bass. “I just choose to live life abundantly, and that's how I live it.”

Patrice was so inspired by her weight loss journey through the juice challenge, she says she wants to help others. She has her own juicing business called "Just Juicy." Click here for more information.